Thursday, April 13, 2017

What Haunts You

It hides in the corners of my every day.
It sneaks in under the radar.
It lives in the subtlety of the underlining plainness.

I don't notice it because I don't have to.

I grew up with this Filipino nose
And these almond shaped eyes.
This sun-kissed skin and short slight frame.
And the privilege of Privilege.

My heart doesn't carry with it the strength of my ancestors
The history of my bloodline.
I am a blank slate with the fortune of being embraced
Into a home with love and laughter
And the advantages of my parents.

I didn't want for food.
I didn't want for shelter.
I didn't want for an education.

I never feared for my safety.
I never questioned authority.
I never worried about making it another day.

[Insert here the hardships]
[The struggle]
[The fight]
[I never had to stand up for]

My parents worked hard.
I've worked hard.
Our hardships were significant.
But different.

And yet --
Are still afforded the luxuries of pale skin
And light features.

It haunts me
And yet it has protected me.

The White Privilege of a Brown Girl 

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