Sunday, January 24, 2010

delicious pictures of food.

i love living in a neighborhood where you can stop by the turo turo, eat adobo and rice and watch filipino game shows.
where, on your way home, you can buy fresh pasta just two blocks away.
where, just a few feet from your door, you can grab some sun-dried tomatoes and basil to top everything off.

in other news, saw the movie legion in theaters last night. not worth the money. rent or don't watch it at all. my favorite parts were in the previews.

last night we also got to see: point break LIVE! ( it's this cooky play that reenacts the classic keanu reeves, gary busey, patrick swayze movie about surfer bank robbers. AND they pick the guy who stars as keanu's role right from the audience! :)

hilarity ensued.

we also had to wear ponchos. (protection from: suntan lotion, fake blood, "waves," and other unmentionables..)