Monday, May 31, 2010

what happens in vegas..

a softer world
a couple weeks ago, i ended up vacationing in vegas with a few lovely women and men on the same weekend that josh was going to vegas for a bachlor's party.

my friends and i stayed at the monte carlo but spent most of our time elsewhere -- much time sunbathing at the paris' lovely pool.

a few things of note about the paris:
1) with the ceiling painted sky blue with fluffy white clouds, it seems like the middle of the day when it's actually 5 in the morning. ..
2) whoever designed the place really enjoyed adding "le" to the beginning of every shop or attraction. the guy who was in charge of renaming the car rental station was just plain lazy.

le car rental

i have to admit, it was good to finally make it to vegas. however, the flashiness and the gambling are not really up my alley. . i did, though, very much enjoy the cirque du soleil show, the endless buffets, lazing by the pool and the great company.

i also liked that in one city you got to see the eiffel tower, the venice canals, the statue of liberty, ceasar's palace and more!