Tuesday, September 25, 2007


i just finished reading this book called the every boy.
i looked it up online to see what the reviews of it were like.
i noticed that the hardcover version has 224 pages.
i thought that was a weird coincidence.

i bought two other books at the half price book store today to read on the bart as i go to and from work:
i) saints and strangers: short stories by angela carter
ii) happiness: a novel will ferguson

i hope they are good.

also, i saw this when i was walking to the bart from aaron's the other day when the sun was rising:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a week in the desert.

on a whim, the night before my friend eric took off for the desert, i decided to accompany him to the craziness known as burning man. without really being prepared and not knowing much about the event at all, i followed my companions into the desert.

i cannot really describe the experience fully.

it was a community. it was a party. it was an art exhibition.
it was a celebration.
it was harsh living conditions.
it was a task.
it was a joy.

i barely got to take pictures because i was constantly in awe of everything.
those that i did hardly gave justice to it.

in addition, i also got to experience/see ridiculous dust storms (lasting for hours), extreme heat and cold, a double rainbow, and a meteor shower.

the final burning of the man and the burning of the oil derrick was just amazing.
there are videos of the oil derrick burning that barely begin to touch on what it was like. look 'em up though. the mushroom cloud alone is worth it to see.

more pictures here.

Friday, September 7, 2007

the waters of santa fe

after taking off from colorado, i made my way south to santa fe.
i met up with my friend eric and hung out at his pad for a few days.

his friend paul took me to abiquiu lake, where we ate lunch to some pretty scenery and went cliff jumping.

we also went to some nifty mineral infused hot springs called ojo caliente. that was relaxing and soothing on my dry skin.

the next day, i crashed a wedding with eric.
i also helped him prepare to go to something called burning man.

i didn't know what that was so i watched a documentary on it and found it to be very intriguing.
eric offered me room in his camp if i wanted to come with..

.. so i agreed.

more about that to come.

pictures of santa fe, here.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

rocky mountain high.

i am so behind on this travel journal.
i am now currently in a coffee shop in santa cruz, ca.
i will tell you about colorado, however, instead.

i spent a week in estes park, co with my relatives reg and judy guy.
they were amazing hosts and i had an amazing time.

we were located right next to rocky mountain national park so i got to go on some really beautiful hikes and see some great views.

reg also took me to a few random museums and to see the stanley hotel (the hotel that inspired stephen king's the shining and where they actually filmed some of the tv miniseries). judy also took me up trail ridge road and to the continental divide so that was sweet too.

also, having a week of home-cooked meals was divine.
judy and i dined on leftover gourmet manicotti for lunch a few days which was delicious. :)

more pictures here.