Tuesday, June 26, 2007

i ♥ ny

so here i am in new york city.
chillin on e. 100th street and lexington on the upper east side of manhattan.

i have been here since the 18th -- couch jumping between here and brooklyn.
i haven't been doing much sight-seeing. .. but i've been doing a lot of walking around and taking the city in.
also, i got invited to a weekend in the catskills with this awesome kid sam i just met the other day through garrett.

it was a amazing weekend.
we hiked, laid out on a raft in the pond, built and hung out by the fire pit, played bocce ball, had jam sessions, played wiffle ball (or, in my case, watched wiffle ball), and all sorts of awesome things.
thank you, sam, for inviting me. and for deciding that i'm not a raging bitch. :)

also, garrett has been showing me around his little niche in brooklyn.

all in all, it's been pretty swell.

i'm looking forward to seeing some museums and stuff with truen tomorrow.
and to spend some time with my dear friend austen this weekend. what a coincidence we are both here at the same time. :)

later, friends.

more pictures here