Sunday, April 12, 2009

easter in dolores park!

a big thank you to the sisters of perpetual indulgence for hosting a wonderful gathering this easter sunday on the lawns of dolores park!

gerry, betsy, anna, rob and i met up today to hang out with some amazing people in celebration of the holiday. there was a band, lawn to sun in and plenty of people watching to do.

to round out the day, there was a "hunky jesus" competition where we voted by applause for the hunkiest jesus impersonator in the park.

what a glorious way to spend the beautiful afternoon. :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


so i left the midwest (again.. eep) and arrived in lovely san francisco last night. hoping to figure things out, get a job and settle down here for a while. ::fingers crossed::

on the way, i stopped in omaha, nebraska which was a pretty decent little town. not much to it, but i did get to drive on saddle creek drive and happy hollow ave which amused me much. (fans of bright eyes, the faint, cursive, etc will get these references.. ) the downtown was pretty small and easily navigable (minus the random construction) and there seemed to be a lot of chill intimate venues for popular saddle creek acts which i am envious of.

i also briefly rested in salt lake city after a long 13-hour drive which i found very nice as well. during my first visit to slc i found myself confused and a little put off, but this time i drove in with the backdrop of the sun setting on the mountains and decided to give it a second chance. it is apparently a good spot for those who love the outdoors, camping, rock climbing, and hiking so someday maybe i will check it out more thoroughly than overnight. mormonism has placed some strict laws on alcohol but i have met a few home brewers which i think allows for a lot of cool variety on beers and wine.

finally, after another long day of driving (11 hours!) i made it to san francisco. california immediately greeted me with green grass and clear skies. i drove with the windows down and the stereo up. even stuck in traffic, i was so elated to be back in this beautiful city.