Tuesday, April 11, 2017

They Said I Wasn't Bold Enough

They Said I Wasn't Bold Enough
To be an individual that was
Memorable, and 
Worth Anyone's Time.

That I was meek
That I was small
That I wasn't Brave enough
  to make a Difference.

So I leapt in.
I jumped into the deep-end with only a slight knowledge
  of how to barely keep my head above water.

With friends for support
With a partner just a phone-call away
But still with the distance of thousands of miles
To keep me feeling alone.

I failed -- 
I failed a number of times.
But each taught me something new.

Be more assertive.
Be more of a leader.
Take action.
Be strong.

Cry sometimes.
Admit defeat.
But learn.
Continue to always learn.
To feel the sting of the biting sidewalk
And remember to trip differently next time.

I may not be interesting.
I may not be memorable.
But I might be worth at least a few people's time.

And Bold isn't merely a font face anymore.

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