Sunday, June 23, 2013


Yesterday began with a disastrous potato salad.

Josh, Goober and I sat on the porch with the sun on our backs and a smoothie between us, when suddenly, I realized the potatoes had been boiling too long. A salvage attempt was made but my mood was still sour.

To remedy this, a destination was picked and a walk began.
Objective: Golden Gate Heights. 4 miles and 760 feet elevation gain.
Strapped on a new pair of shoes to break in, grabbed water and a sweater. And we were off!

I guess I should have guessed by the MapMyWalk that I was going to be headed uphill. .. But, as we walked up 24th, the grade of the street kept catching me off guard. By the last block before we reached Market, I had to stop twice within a block to catch my breath and take in the views.

The walk took a twist. We snaked under, around and up to get to Market.

Market morphed to Portola and we followed them both, mirroring traffic, gaining elevation. Step after step, we traversed the saddle of Twin Peaks.

We left Sutro Tower behind us.

Above this crest, we were treated to a whole new section of the city. Everything got a little more suburban. There was space. There were driveways. There were yards.  Hell, we even saw this place that looked straight out of a movie -- discarded play bike turned over and left on the grass.

More steps, more incline, more up.

We made it now to a beautiful wooded area of SF. I marveled over and over that we were still in the city limits. The trees were large, old and looming. The streets winding. I got lost in the getting lost.

Then, as we turned a corner, we were greeted by a man and his Labrador. The pup was too excited to be there, tugging and pulling at his leash. Dog controlling owner. 

And we were there.

Beautiful, forested. Full of great vistas, shady benches and friendly dogs.

With a stop for a little bit of swinging, we pushed on a bit farther to what we learned was Grand View Park.  They weren't kidding when they named it!

And, as we descended the hill, we were treated to one final surprise. From our vantage, we saw many people taking photos on the stairs we were descending. It seemed curious, but not unusual.

Only when we turned around, did we discover the city's last present to us.

All in all, I am once again thankful that I live in a city that surprises me on a daily basis.

Thank you, San Francisco!


This morning the air hung ominous. 

The sun was up. The streets bare. And the sky loomed grey and opaque.

The palms and neighboring trees rustled in the strong wind. A wind pushing me backwards with each forward step I took. Forcing me back. Forcing me home.

"Go back to bed," it beckoned.

And all I wanted to do was comply.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


I got sent home early today after only two hours on the clock. 

As I walked back at 7:45AM, my backwards commute was much brighter.  But the streets were still mostly empty and businesses still closed.  

For some reason, I was surprised that the Mission was still asleep.

Were you?

Morning Musings.

I have a friend that works the night shift.

This morning when I was brushing my teeth at 5AM I had this thought, 

"You are still awake from the night before; I am already awake to start today."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I am becoming more and more enamored of San Luis Obispo.

Last weekend, Josh and I had a rare 3 days off together.  We decided to pack up and get out of the city for a while.

SLO was the perfect destination -- only 3 to 4 hours south, sunny and chock-full of beaches, wineries and fun distractions!

First stop: Avila Beach! Sunny and beautiful little town by the water. Of course, being from SF, we neglected to pack sandals.. Oops. :)

Spent the night at Morro Bay Campsite.  Kind of crazy car camping experience.  Lots of loud children and lost elderly people.  We were also treated to a heated argument in the early morning.

And, because they are so plentiful in the area, we winery hopped throughout the weekend.  Beautiful views, lovely service and tasty wines!!