Thursday, April 6, 2017

An Ode to My Shoes

An Ode to My Shoes:

It's impossible to say whether or not you still loved me or not when you gave me them two Christmases ago.

The thought hadn't even crossed my mind.. until a misplaced, 
    poorly put-together joke fell flat on the sidewalk as we strolled
-- fast-paced and sure-footed --
down the steep street that led us away from my home.

My mind traced through the memories.. 
Slithering snakes through a maze of thick-thatched, barred and barricaded half-remembered truths.

Your gifts -- masquerades attempting to pass off as some sort of affection.
Guilt-laden apologies for the lack thereof.

It was my fault for not noticing sooner.
For taking gifts at face value.
For not understanding that the hugs were hollow.
Words were wanting.

Kisses like corpses --

Waiting for a breath of fresh air to stimulate the skin,
  reanimate the soul,
    and remind you of that feeling you thought you felt so long ago.

An Ode to My Two Feet:

Carrying me swiftly, sweetly from one universe to another.


Clad in these two solid shoes.
A gift of a ghost of loves past
and the promise of a destination to come.

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