Saturday, April 1, 2017

I Look at Myself in the Mirror and See..

I look at myself in the mirror and I see someone that needs sleep.
Someone that's tired and defeated and lost.
Someone that's searching and trying and reaching and hoping.. 
.. but coming up short and feeling the ache of consistent rejection.

Looking for a job is hard. Moving is hard. Being let down by someone you thought was your life partner is hard.

Life is hard.

Reinventing yourself is hard. Finding your voice is hard. Rebuilding your confidence is hard. Rediscovering your personality as a Single Being is hard. 

Cultivating new skills, reconnecting with friends, trying new things.. all are hard.

I'm not gonna sugar coat this with a life lesson.
Or turn it around with a "But life is also rewarding" clause.

Things can just be hard for now. Tomorrow may (and probably will) be better. 
Things will change. This will get harder and easier in turn.

But for now things are hard.
And that's okay.

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