Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Let's Make a Movie

Let's make a movie called 'Alternate Realities'
Where everything's a little like 'Sliding Doors' but we don't all have to be
Gwenyth Paltrow.
And hopefully it doesn't turn out
As another vehicle for a love story.

We can all slip In and Out of our various Selves as we
Wander from Timeline to Timeline
Discovering which Parallel Universe pans out the best.
Tracing it Back to that
That a mundane happenstance alters our lives forever.

We can switch swatch through other people's Realities trying to get it

Making sure the Relationships and Camaraderies
That seem meaningful and consequential
Continue to Intertwine with our own.

Censoring Tragedies and Missteps until
We're satisfied with our Ultimate Design.

Time will push back, of course,
And each Existence and Actuality
Will fight with our self-appointed 
Utopia of a Universe.

Until right as we settle on the final touch,
We swirl.
Us, Our Chosen Companions,
  Our Accomplishments,
    Our Failures,
       Our Perfect Little Lives,
Twirl with the rest of the Alternate Realities.
And leave us tired, wet, and broken.
Shattered memories and 
Splintered recollections.
A mess.
On the floor.

Roll Credits.
Curtains Down.

House Lights Up.

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