Monday, April 10, 2017

Sometimes the name..

Sometimes the name that sits at tip of your tongue tastes like ashes.

And as it slides down the slippery slope across the tops of your tastebuds
It takes on new flavors as you continue to struggle to grasp its true form.

A bite of bitter as you curse your memory.
A smack of sour as you recall the recoil.
A slight of sweet as you savor that one Summer that made sense.
An indescribable umami that tickles your throat when you can't help but salivate for just a little
A smack of salt to sting the wounds, still soft and smarting. Still strange and sore.

And as it swims toward the throat, the build of the hot hot heat.
That hint of spiciness compounding quite covertly until
You wondered if it was even possible that you thought this might be tolerable.

To spit it up and out.
That name -- that elusive name
To rid yourself of that fear and fire as it burns still hot.

Then ashes, soft and slate.

You cast it off your tongue
And reach for another bite.

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