Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Want to Go Home..

I want to go Home.

But Home is one of those undefined, 
entities that I can't quite wrap my head around.

Home is a mess of unresolved altercations that I should have let go of years ago.
But that I still hold close to my chest
And shield my heart with them..
To keep anyone and everyone out.

Home is a wandering target.
Elusively changing location and slipping from
         To State.
            To Country.

Home is full of strangers that I let fill my place when I refuse to take responsibility for my own emotional shortcomings.

I keep her at Plane's Distance.

Home is a current GPS coordinate.
And I've kept myself at 37 N/122 W for a long eight years.

Home is a swirl of feeling like I belong and feeling like I can lose myself in the crowd.
The friendly balance of being seen and unseen simultaneously.

I Want to go Home
But I also want to just 

So here I'll stay.
Until Home makes sense again.
If I ever let it.

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